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Dog grooming salon located in Puerto de Pollensa, a coastal town in northern Mallorca, an isle bathed by calm and crystal-clear waters, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk with views of the bay of Pollensa and its neighboring city, Alcúdia. We have been providing services to our furry friends for more than fifteen years.

We, Marina and Magdalena, love working here and the most important thing for us is to create an environment of trust and security for our four-legged clients. If you come to our establishment, you’ll find the maximum hygiene standards and professionalism and, above all, loads of affection and respect towards your pets.

You have several options for your dog to get its haircut done (scissors, machine and stripping). We adapt to the needs and characteristics of each pet and offer a completely personalized styling.


Trim with scissors

A trim done with scissors looks way better than one done only with an electric clipper, right? That's why, in all our services we employ scissors. We consider a pair of scissors a priceless tool for any good hairdresser. This service includes: moisturizing bath, drying, nail cutting, ear cleaning and a personalized cut made 100% with scissors.

Commercial cut

We all like our four-legged friends to look great while, at the same time, wanting them to get a comfortable and functional cut. Let us surprise you with cuts tailored to your needs and in the latest fashion. This service includes: moisturizing bath, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning and personalized haircutting, combining machine and scissor techniques.

Products for sale

In our store you will be able to find top brands in food, cosmetics, dewormers, educational toys, as well as a fine selection of necklaces, straps and harnesses.


Hard hair does not shed like other hair types that undergo several sheddings a year. Although the hair dies, it does not fall. Therefore, we must manually remove the old hair layer, to let the new one grow. It is recommended to do it every 6-8 weeks. This service includes: revitalizing bath, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, stripping and scissors trimming.

Bath and grooming

This service is designed as a package deal with our cutting services, when the pet’s hair hasn’t grown enough since the last session to need a complete haircut. This service includes moisturizing bath, drying, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and hair clippings in plantar, belly, lacrimal and perianal areas.


Most of us usually run short of time, that’s why we offer a maintenance program for those clients who want to keep their four-legged companions in optimal conditions throughout the year and cannot or do not know how to do it themselves and prefer a professional service.

Dogs living with us in an urban environment need regular hygiene routines since, with each walk, they accumulate dirt from the street.

Long-haired dogs

Long-haired dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers, malts, shih tzu, poodles, etc. need frequent brushing and hair trimming of hygienic areas, such as plantar, lacrimal, belly and perianal areas (sanitary trimming), to prevent dirt from accumulating there as well as the appearance of bad smells. We recommend the period between sessions not to exceed 5 weeks.

short and medium hair dogs

Many people think that short and medium hair dogs don’t need to get their hair groomed but the truth is that they also need to keep their hair in good condition. With a maintenance every 4 or 5 weeks we can prevent the typical problems of cohabitation generated by the constant hair sheddings that stick to clothes and furniture. With our treatments, we can eliminate during the session the mature hair that would fall during the next weeks, the results being less hair shed around the house.

Your dog grooming!

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Mallorcan by birth

and animal lover

since forever.

Came into the world of dog grooming by chance. After finishing her studies in environmental health and training to become a veterinary assistant, one day she found an abandoned dog in poor hygienic conditions. Not finding truly trained professionals in the canine hygiene sector, she decided to study and train with good dog groomers and set out on her own path in this wonderful world of fur.

For more than sixteen years, she’s never stopped training and attending courses with the best professionals in dog grooming. In addition, she has earned a title as dog educator, delivered by world-renowned veterinary ethologists.

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